Latest News

Update-a-thon: (Sunday, 14 October 2018)

- I recently discovered that Alan Shockley's fabulous new book The Contemporary Piano: A Performer and Composer's Guide to Techniques and Resources has a great section on the ElectroMagnetically-Prepared piano.

- Andrea Ridilla and Ryan Reynolds (of Akropolis fame) recently commissioned and premiered Patterns in Asemic Writing at the 2018 International Double Reed Society conference in Granada Spain.

- Boston Classical Review published a great review of Guerilla Opera's Emergence I Gala concert, which included a couple of arias from my opera Pedr Solis.

- Speaking of which, Guerilla Opera, the commissioners of Pedr Solis, will soon begin recording an updated version of the opera in its entirety.

- Ensemble Parallax, who often work with video artists to add visuals to their concerts, is taking a couple of my pieces on the road. Their Miami visit, hosted by our Performing Arts Series, will be a veritable multi-media extravaganza formatted as a live podcast.

- SPLICE continues an amazing run of summer institutes, to which we recently added the mid-year SPLICE Festival. I'm very excited that I will be hosting SPLICEFest III at Miami University in 2019.

EMPP and the Induction Connection (Tuesday, 12 December 2017)

After a long hiatus, I'm happy to be working once again on some electromagnet-related projects. I took advantage of the renewed activity to (finally!) post some example sound files to my Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano page, See Audio Examples 1 and Audio Examples 2. Great to be looking at this stuff again!

Latest Developments (Wednesday, 24 May 2017)

Time to get caught up on my news! Here is the latest:

- Arcana VIII, edited by John Zorn and including my chapter On Composition and Literature - Pedr Solis, the author and the opera, is scheduled for publication in July,

- The Cincinnati NPR station ran a great spot/interview on my recent premier, Arcade Variations, written for the Miami University Symphony Orchestra,

- Patti Cudd released a giant and fabulous triple CD called EOS, which has her recording of my piece Shadows of the Electric Moon,

- There is a really interesting new CD series out of France called Singularities, organized by composer Benjamin Ait-Ali. My piece Quintet for solo instrument and electronics appears on #3,

- My old friend Yaron Sokolov recently used a _very_ old piece of mine (Underwater) in a film called Forever,

- My CD Chamber Industrial received a mention in a great 2015 best-of list published by Holy Grail From Hell.