Latest News

Junior Faculty Scholar Award (Wednesday, 23 September 2015)

I am proud to announce that I just received a Junior Faculty Scholar Award from Miami University! More info (and some very nice things about me) can be found here.

Wild Rumpus CD (Sunday, 09 August 2015)

Wild Rumpus has received a grant from New Music USA for their CD project In Time. On that CD will appear the piece they commissioned from me, Solis Overture. It'll be great to work with them again on the recording!

Many updates! (Monday, 27 July 2015)
This update is long overdue, and there is a great deal to report! Below is my attempt to summarize in an unordered list:

  • Pedr Solis, my first opera: what an amazing experience with Guerilla Opera! The show premiered on May 15 and ran for two weekends, 6 performances in all, plus an unstaged performance at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We received some great reviews from the Boston Globe and the Boston Classical Review. A video of the entire production can be found here.

  • My new Tzadik CD, Chamber Industrial, has received some great reviews as well:
    - it was mentioned twice in the New York Times, here and here,
    - an Italian website called OndaRock,
    - another italian website called Percorsi Musicali,
    - a Czech site called His Voice.

  • My piece Solis-EA was recently selected for inclusion on the upcoming 2015 ICMC DVD.

  • I recently received a commission from Loadbang, and can't wait to work with them. What an amazingly talented ensemble!

  • The video piece Graveshift was a finalist in the Fresh Minds competition. They announce the winners during the Fresh Minds Festival, October 6-10, 2015. Fingers crossed!

  • Speaking of Graveshift, the interview that Arie Stavchansky (the video artist) and I conducted with Stigmart10 has been posted.

  • Finally, and most recently, I was on the composition faculty for the Splice Institute, which took place in July at Western Michigan University. It was an amazing experience, I can't wait to return for a second year next summer!