We Are Drawn to Burning

for baritone voice, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and electronics

“And when the shadows lengthen on the cinderheaps – it begins.”

So commences the “The Cinderheaps,” a poem by Norwegian author Pedr Solis, from which the lyrics of my piece are drawn. Though Solis is best known for his novels (granted the term “best known” is a stretch given his current level of obscurity), he nonetheless has a small but well regarded body of poetic works. Most of these were written before the 1970 publication of his most famous novel, Stillaset. “The Cinderheaps” is the lone exception – of significance in that it appears to be his last written work before disappearing completely from the public eye. As such it reflects a very different side of the author – gone from it is any trace of the dissolution of character that proves so significant to his earlier novels. Instead it projects a certain quality of pressing forward into the illuminated darkness, a characteristic I strove to reflect musically.

We Are Drawn to Burning is dedicated to loadbang.



Performed by loadbang