Chamber Industrial
Portrait CD on Tzadik
Track list: Solis-EA, A Drift of Swine, Wood Machine Music, Of Dust and Sand, ...walk now and then into the breath that blows coldly past...
performed by Ecce Ensemble

Vestige - Pinna Records
Solis Overture
Performed by Wild Rumpus

Music from SEAMUS, Volume 29 - New Focus Recordings
Los murmullitos
Performed by Keith Kirchoff

EOS - Patti Cudd - Innova Recordings
Shadows of the Electric Moon

Performed by Patti Cudd

Music from SEAMUS, Volume 24 - New Focus Recordings
Los murmullitos
Performed by Ryan Packard

Sound and Video Anthology
Computer Music Journal DVD, Volume 33, 2009 MIT Press

Intersections - Spektral Label
Quintet for solo saxophone and electronics
Performed by Eliot Gattegno

Music from Stanford <541>, Vol. 3 - Innova Recordings
Negative Mirror, Part II
Performend by Inauthentica

Contemporanea 2004 - TauKay Edizioni Musicali (taukay 126)
Prelude: Dissent
Performed by the Mikrokosmos Ensemble

Music from SEAMUS, Volume 15
Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror, Part I
Performed by Chryssie Nanou

Society of Composers, Inc. CD 21, Mood Shifts - Capstone Records (CPS-8748)
Prelude: Dissent


Spotlight and interview with myself and Arie Stavchansky about our collaboration on Graveshift

SEAMUS Newsletter, August-October, 2013
"The Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano: an interview with Per Bloland"

Journal of the Society for American Music Vol. 6 Issue 02, May 2012, pp. 258-261
"Wet Ink Ensemble" (CD review)

Journal SEAMUS, Vol. 19 No. 2, Spring 2008, pp. 31-33
"Blood that Sees the Light" (CD review)

Proceedings of the quod.lib.umich.edu/i/icmc/bbp2372.2007.028/1/--electromagnetically-prepared-piano-and-its-compositional2007 International Computer Music Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp. 125-128
“The Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano and its Compositional Implications”

Proceedings of the Third Annual Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, University of Minnesota, pp. 10-12
"The Polarized Composer: Addressing the Conflict of Musical Upbringings of Today's Young Composers"

Society of Composers, Inc., www.societyofcomposers.org/Journal of Scores Vol. 37, European American Music Distributors Corporation

Writings about my work

"Actuated Acoustic Instruments: Relationships And Mind-Set"
PhD Dissertation by Neil Cameron Britt - contains a section dedicated to my compositions for the Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano

"Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror—The Music of Per Bloland"
a Spotlight Session and interview by Trevor Hunter, 2009

"nmbx.newmusicusa.org/sounds-heard-eliot-gattegno-and-eric-wubbels-intersections/Sounds Heard: Eliot Gattegno and Eric Wubbels"
CD review by Brian Sacawa of Intersections, discussing Quintet for Solo Saxophone and Electronics, 2009

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, University of Minnesota, pp. 44-46
"Meaning(s) and Structure in The Wondrous Delight of Profound Ineptitude by Per Bloland
– by Jay C.