Some notable recent events: (Wednesday, 02 October 2019)

- My recent piece for Keith Kirchoff, Los murmullitos, was selected for inclusion on the next SEAMUS CD,

- My piece walk now and then into the breath that blows coldly past was a finalist in the Kaleidoscope MusArt Crumb19 composition competition,

- My colleague Elizabeth Hoover and I recently hosted a concert in the form of a live podcast, with Ensemble Parallax, as part of the Performing Arts Series here at Miami. It. was. epic!

A few links to interviews and other miscellany: (Tuesday, 01 October 2019)

- I was recently interviewed for the Lexical Tones tones podcast, a great podcast by hosted by Robert McClure,

- Jeremy Wagner has been working on a version of the Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano (or Magnetic Resonator Piano),

- In a recent interview with Keith Kirchoff about SPLICE he discussed my new piece-in-progress, Los Murmullos,

- J.J. Burred just published a piece in Spanish (Esquizofonías y la nueva electroacústica) about augmented instruments in which the Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano was prominently featured,

- Guerilla Opera has released a concert narration of their recent Emergence concert (on which they performed two of my arias from the opera Pedr Solis), a great idea that they seem to be continuing!

Update-a-thon: (Sunday, 14 October 2018)

- I recently discovered that Alan Shockley's fabulous new book The Contemporary Piano: A Performer and Composer's Guide to Techniques and Resources has a great section on the ElectroMagnetically-Prepared piano.

- Andrea Ridilla and Ryan Reynolds (of Akropolis fame) recently commissioned and premiered Patterns in Asemic Writing at the 2018 International Double Reed Society conference in Granada Spain.

- Boston Classical Review published a great review of Guerilla Opera's Emergence I Gala concert, which included a couple of arias from my opera Pedr Solis.

- Speaking of which, Guerilla Opera, the commissioners of Pedr Solis, will soon begin recording an updated version of the opera in its entirety.

- Ensemble Parallax, who often work with video artists to add visuals to their concerts, is taking a couple of my pieces on the road. Their Miami visit, hosted by our Performing Arts Series, will be a veritable multi-media extravaganza formatted as a live podcast.

- SPLICE continues an amazing run of summer institutes, to which we recently added the mid-year SPLICE Festival. I'm very excited that I will be hosting SPLICEFest III at Miami University in 2019.

EMPP and the Induction Connection (Tuesday, 12 December 2017)

After a long hiatus, I'm happy to be working once again on some electromagnet-related projects. I took advantage of the renewed activity to (finally!) post some example sound files to my Electromagnetically-Prepared Piano page, See Audio Examples 1 and Audio Examples 2. Great to be looking at this stuff again!

Latest Developments (Wednesday, 24 May 2017)

Time to get caught up on my news! Here is the latest:

- Arcana VIII, edited by John Zorn and including my chapter On Composition and Literature - Pedr Solis, the author and the opera, is scheduled for publication in July,

- The Cincinnati NPR station ran a great spot/interview on my recent premier, Arcade Variations, written for the Miami University Symphony Orchestra,

- Patti Cudd released a giant and fabulous triple CD called EOS, which has her recording of my piece Shadows of the Electric Moon,

- There is a really interesting new CD series out of France called Singularities, organized by composer Benjamin Ait-Ali. My piece Quintet for solo instrument and electronics appears on #3,

- My old friend Yaron Sokolov recently used a _very_ old piece of mine (Underwater) in a film called Forever,

- My CD Chamber Industrial received a mention in a great 2015 best-of list published by Holy Grail From Hell.

Article for Arcana (Monday, 14 November 2016)

I am thrilled to be contributing an article to the next edition of John Zorn's Arcana series: Arcana VIII. I'll be writing about the composition of my opera, Pedr Solis, and how that ties in with my research on literature and music.

New Projects (Sunday, 13 November 2016)

Some new projects to announce:

- Patti Cudd and I recently completed a studio recording of Shadows of the Electric Moon for inclusion on her upcoming CD release,

- Bill Solomon and I made a studio recording of Shadows of the Electric Moon which is currently in production,

- I am currently writing a piece for the Miami University Symphony Orchestra's centennial celebration in May 2107, at the request of Ricardo Averbach, its director.

New Videos (Friday, 11 November 2016)

I recently released a number of new videos, including:

- Of Dust and Sand - a beautifully produced video, recorded at EMPAC during the Chamber Industrial sessions. This is the first of 5 performance videos to be produced and released by Ecce Ensemble,

- scrolling-score videos for:

Wood Machine Music

...walk now and then into the breath that blows coldly past...
Of Dust and Sand

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